Environment and Ecology

Environmental Migration: Do We Even Care?

Recently, various studies have pointed out that disasters due to climate change have been displacing more people than conflicts. According to Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID, 2019), in 2018, of the total new 28 million internally displaced people in 148 countries, 61% were due to disasters. In comparison, 39% were due to conflict and violence.

Sexual Assault
Detailed Indian Society

Sexual Assault: Why didn’t you seek consent?

Rape culture exists because we don’t believe it does. Hence it is one topic that needs to be understood thoroughly. However, before understanding this problem it’s solution first and foremost we need to accept that the problem exists. Our eyes and ears need to be receptive. India may surely be seen as 95 in terms of rape rate in world statistics with the rate of 1.8 rape per 100,000 citizens. It comes in as number 3 in number of incidents that too reported. Just after USA and South Africa. Below is a bar chart for 10 countries.