Water Crisis
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The Worst Water Crisis for India in it’s History?

Last year June 2018 Niti Aayog released Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) to assess and improve the performance in efficient management of water resources. There’s a lot of uproar and mentions recently over media that India is going towards an extreme water crisis. Let’s analyse the whole water crisis situation of India and its solutions […]

Coal Energy
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Coal Energy Inevitable for Development of India

Energy sector of India revolves around BLACK GOLD which has dominating use in three sectors i.e., Power, Steel and Cement out of which 68% is used in electricity generation. All of which gives an idea how dependent are we on coal and its applications. We will discuss and try to answer various questions about coal energy in a very concise format. Such as: How does India use coal? What are the disadvantages and advantages of coal? What are the advantages of coal power? What are disadvantages of coal energy? Why coal is a good energy source?

Climate Disaster Management

Cyclones in India

WHAT ARE CYCLONES? A cyclone is a system of winds rotating counter clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere around a low-pressure centre. The swirling air rises and cools, creating clouds and precipitation.   TYPES OF CYCLONES: Temperate Cyclone: The systems developing in the mid and high latitude (35° latitude and 65° latitude in both hemispheres), beyond the […]