Indian Economy
Indian Economy

Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

Features of Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence and Challenges: Table for Indian Economy Features ECONOMIC POLICY: (BEFORE 1990) FEATURES ECONOMIC POLICY: (1990-TODAY) FEATURES Indicative Planning Indicative Planning Import Substitution Export Promotion Heavy Industry Strategy Balanced Growth Supply side model Demand based growth Financial Markets Resource Mobilization 1) Low per capita income and vicious […]

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Location Factors behind Automobile Industry and Its Growth Trend in India

Auto industry consists of manufacturing of Moped to Harvesters. It is an indicator to economic growth in real terms because healthy and growing automobile sector indicates overall growing economy, agro-economy, good roads, rising income and employment. The industry currently employs 13 million people and contributes nearly 6% of National GDP. Locational Factors that affect Automobile […]

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Bogibeel Bridge and the Development of North East India

The prime Minister of India on December 25th, 2018 inaugurated India’s longest rail cum road bridge across the Brahmaputra. North Eastern India comes more closer to the mainland India by opening of Bogibeel Bridge. It also has a strategic importance along with better connectivity. The Bogibeel Bridge measures 4.94 km and connects Dibrugarh on its […]

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Livestock and Inclusive Growth of India

In simple English Livestock means farm animals regarded as an asset. It consists of lot of industries, be it Cattle, Poultry or Aqua. It is an important part of Indian economy, almost 21 million people depends on it for their livelihood. India being world’s highest livestock owner, the sector provide employment to approximately 9 per cent of the population here. Lets discuss this in detail only on Critical Thinkers India.

Indian Economy

Payment Banks: India

New stripped-down type of banks, which are expected to reach customers mainly through their mobile phones rather than traditional bank branches. The objective of payments banks is to increase financial inclusion by providing small savings accounts, payment/remittance services to migrant labour, low income households, small businesses, other unorganized sector entities and other users by enabling […]

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Migrant Workers in India

As per the census, the level of urbanization in India has increased from 27.81% in 2001 to 31.16% in 2011. Urbanization in India is a consequence of demographic explosion and poverty-induced rural-urban migration. Top States in India that receive migrant workers, largely temporary and seasonal, on a large scale. They work in unskilled or semi-skilled […]