How to stop Procrastinating
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9 Ways : How to stop Procrastinating?

In the summer of 1977, NASAs pathfinder spacecraft landed on the surface of Mars and started sending incredible images back to NASA. But after some days, something terribly went wrong, it stopped sending transmissions. Pathfinder in fact was procrastinating keeping itself occupied but failing to do what is important. After investigating we found out it […]

Gandhian Principles
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Gandhian Principles in Today’s World

Gandhian Principles | Gandhiji is rightly called the Father of the Nation because he single handedly stood up against the mighty British Empire, without any arms, and brought her independence. However, today, Gandhiji is mostly forgotten, and his relevance questioned even by his ardent devotees. Gandhiji. What is the impact of Gandhiji in today’s world? […]